The Project

Since the beginning, Monte Vento Holistic Agritourism has been interested in respecting the environment and taking care of the naturalness of the place that hosts it. All of this has been translated into practices of environmental sustainability which today interface well with Monte Vento’s vision to be a Seminar House where people can take care of themselves and find a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Since 1993, the cultivation of Monte Vento Holistic Agritourism has been carried out in compliance with the organic agriculture regulations and, for some years ,the agricultural and agritourism activities have followed the environmental management criteria inspired by ISO 1400 standards.

The company is interested in the cultivation, according to the organic method, of vines, actinidia and olive trees. The remaining part includes spots of spontaneous vegetation, groves and a pond.

The energy requirement for heating and hot water production systems for the needs of the company, thanks to the use of a wood boiler, is largely satisfied by the practices of management of wood introduced for this purpose.

The pond, used to meet the irrigation needs of the plantations, has become an interesting biotope and it is suitable for teaching and scientific observation.