Our Story

Monte Vento was born as a farm in 1987. From the very beginning Monte Vento focused on organic cultivation, environment sustainability and biodiversity, with the creation of wooded areas, nature trails and the production of food km0.

Having achieved this goal, the desire to make this reality available to anyone interested and sensitive to environmental values arose spontaneously. Thus, The Agricultural Company turns into an Agritourism Company, capable of hosting numerous cultural activities, environmental and food education projects for children, as well as scientific conferences and courses focused on the promotion of naturalness culture.

The positivity of these experiences, the passion of the operators who gradually supported the project, together with the amenity and contemplative predisposition of the place, favored a last great redefinition of Monte Vento.

Today Monte Vento is an Holistic Agritourism, an enchanting Seminar House, surrounded by green, where you can rediscover peace and find yourself through a multitude of experiences that enhance harmony between mind, spirit and body.