Bio Products


Monte Vento produces honey from Acacia and Millefiori, delightfully rich in taste.
Even if the honey meets consumers and guests’ appreciation, the activity satisfies the infinite curiosities of pupils and schools visiting the farm. It also has the primary purpose to support the pollination of the kiwi flowers thus affecting positively the size of the fruit.


Monte Vento main biological cultivation is the vineyard, whose grapes, produced in the full respect of the bio agricultural specifications, are delivered to the Custoza Cooperative Cellar, and give life to one of the most prestigious and well-known wines which derives its name from the production zone: Custoza.


In this environment, the cultivation of kiwis has found the most favourable climate in our country, and the fruit which is obtained presents qualities in flavour and taste such as to be preferred to others grown in less favourable locations. The whole production is delivered to the Live Bio cooperative which takes particular care of packaging and marketing almost exclusively for exportation to the bio markets.


In the marginal areas of Monte Vento a few hundreds of olive trees are grown and contribute to the production of an extra-virgin olive oil particularly appreciated for its taste, flavour and lightness. The product is available on the company site.